Colomba Camden, Saturdays

A wholistic conditioning class derived from classical ballet exercises.

Work your balance, coordination, and core engagement and provide full body conditioning whilst indulging in the grace and artistry of classical ballet.

Each exercise is explained thoroughly and attention is paid to technique and alignment to ensure each student understands how to get the most from their body in a healthy, fun way.

All abilities welcome.

Where: Colomba, Camden


  • 5 week course £40

  • Drop in class £10

Saturdays: 12.30 – 1.30 pm (except 26 Jan 1.30 – 2.30 pm)

Dates: Saturdays 19, 26 Jan, 02, 09, 16 Feb



Canning Town Library, Saturdays

Come and join Ingeenium and Actors Dance Collective for 'Dance for Fun!' - a monthly community dance workshop where EVERYONE is welcome. All sessions will be led by a trained dancer and the focus is on fun and wellbeing rather than performance. The dance routines and music will be inspiring, uplifting and varied and music will range from musical theatre to cheesy pop. The sessions, which will be a fun way to exercise and will be creative, will focus on a different genre of dance every month, with a new routine being learnt each session.

Bring your friends, bring your baby, bring your gran, bring your next door

neighbour, everyone is welcome! There are no age restrictions - these sessions are truly for everyone and you don't need to bring a child with you to take part.

No pressure of performance, fun and achievable routines and lots of giggles for everyone.

Where: Canning Town Library

Upcoming dates: 12th Jan, 16th Feb, 16th March, 13th April 3:15-4:30pm

Price: FREE


Templeton House, EC1, Sundays

We've teamed up with Trekstock to deliver a twice monthy 60-minute class aimed at young adults living with and beyond cancer.

Each free dance class is aimed at all those looking for a fun and an inclusive space to express themselves through movement, open to all levels and abilities. At the ADC we aim to provide a warm and positive environment to get moving, fostering both physical and personal well-being.

What to expect:

  • These classes encourage fitness, coordination and creativity through a combination of creative exercises, routines and plenty of giggles

  • Ask, challenge, play, fall, get back up

  • Screw ups encouraged! 

What to bring:

  • Comfortable/gym based clothing

  • A water bottle 

  • A plus one if you'd like to (just make sure they sign up for their free ticket too)

“When I dance, everything bad that ever happened to me falls away. I’m at peace…The way it works is that I focus on my feet, my posture, where I’m looking, hands, balance. When I’m done with class I am, for a little while, free of anxiety, and I stop overthinking. Dance has taught me that trauma never fully undoes itself… but it has given me a way to restore peace and learn to be someone happy’

Where: Templeton House, Moorgate

Upcoming Dates: 20th Jan 12:30-1:30

Price: FREE




London, UK

Any personal/contact information provided will be used for contact in relation to ADC classes and news only and will not be shared. To opt out of news update emails from ADC please email Standard class cancellation policy is 24 hours with private studio fee in line with studio policy. ADC promotes safe practice and is not liable for personal injury sustained or any loss or damage of personal property.